Safety features of our Elevators

Passenger elevators are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of occupants. Here are some common safety features found in modern passenger elevators:

Emergency Communication

Our Elevators are equipped with emergency communication systems such as intercoms or two-way communication devices, allowing occupants to communicate with building management or emergency services in case of an emergency.

Door Systems & Sensors

Our Elevator doors are equipped with sensors that prevent closing if an object or person is detected in the doorway. This ensures the safety of individuals entering or exiting the elevator.

Overload Protection

Our Elevators have weight sensors that prevent them from operating if they exceed their designated capacity. This protects against potential malfunctions and ensures passenger safety.

Fire Safety

Our Elevators often contain fire-resistant components, and some are even designed to become fireproof in emergency situations. They may also have automatic recall systems that return them to designated floors during fire alarms.