If you are one of those builders who have been bothered by the need of a lift machine room while designing a building, this latest technology with Chinmay Elevators will be relief to you. A huge space saver compared to conventional elevators, MRL elevators do not require an overhead machine room. The machine is placed in the hoist way itself. The control panel is strategically placed on the top floor, thus making the machine room redundant, giving you greater flexibility while designing your building



Hydraulic Elevators play an important role in the vertical transportation of the people. These are ideally suitable for shafts with narrow dimensions, constrained space and where an overhead machine room is not available. The hydraulic power pack can be located at a place at convenient within about 2 to 3 meters from the shaft. The hydraulic elevators are normally convenient for travel distances up to 25 meters. The range of elevators from Ultimatech Elevator is a range of standard hydraulic elevators built to be in compliance with the international standards.


The hydraulic power system comprises of a pump power by an electrical motor, reservoir tank for the hydraulic fluid and an electronically controlled valve systems to permit the pressurized fluid to flow into the cylinder and piston. Depending on the distance to be traveled, hydraulic cylinder can be either a single cylinder or telescopic one comprising of multi cylinders. The passenger car unit is driven by the cylinder through a direct or indirect attachment with roping system of 1:1 ratio.


The Chinmayi Elevators has range of elevators is provided with a proprietary electronic control device that monitors all the parameters and controls the regulation of the valve to have a smooth starting, stopping, acceleration and deceleration. The main supervisory controller for the elevator systems is a micro controller based unit incorporating a vide rage of features for the elevator operations. The programmers can be customized to meet the individual project requirements.

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Our company is one of the leading companies that manufacture, supply an exclusive range of Gearless Traction. These machines are highly efficient and ensure long lasting service life. This type of drive system could be employed in buildings of any height and operated at much higher speeds than steam-powered elevators. This design has proven so durable that even now, when a building is modernized—while the elevator control system is replaced with the most up-to-date electronics—it is rarely necessary to replace a well-maintained gearless machine. These elevators typically operate at speeds greater than 500 feet per minute (or 2.5m/s).

low angle photography of curtain wall at daytime
low angle photography of curtain wall at daytime
white and black concrete building at daytime
white and black concrete building at daytime